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The Story of Thanksgiving Paper Plate Turkey Craft

The Story of Thanksgiving

Paper Plate Turkey Thanksgiving Craft What you will need: 3 snack-sized paper plates, paper, glue, paint, a brass brad, google eyes, and scissors.
What to do:
1. Place two snack-size plates together, top-to-top. Cut about 1/3 off the tops of the plates and glue them together to make the turkey's body. Do not glue 1 1/2" from the top left-hand edge of the paper plates (where the tail will be attached). You will need this area to spread out the feathers. Leave the cut edge of the plates open. You will use this to store the turkey's tail feathers.
Turkey Thanksgiving  Paper plate craft Story2. Cut another snack-sized paper plate in half. Fold one half in thirds to make the turkey's head. Fold the other half in half to make the turkey's wing.
3. Paint the head, body, and wing and glue them together as shown in the picture. Glue on google eyes.
4. Print out the feet pattern and use it to cut feet from yellow construction paper. Glue the feet to the body. Cut Turkey Thanksgiving Paper plate craft 3a waddle from red construction paper and glue to the turkey's face.Patterns for the feathers are available to members only in the members only section.)
5. Print out the tail feather patterns onto colored paper. Cut them apart and place them in order in a pile with the beginning of the story on the top. (You can also print out the feathers without any words to make up your own story or use them to write things on them that you are thankful for. (The Story of Thanksgiving) Patterns for the feathers are available to members only in the members only section.)
6. Punch a hole at the bottom of the feathers with a hole punch, and punch a hole in the top left-hand side of the back paper plate where the tail should be attached.
7. Insert the feathers between the two paper plates and insert the brad through the holes in the feathers and the hole in the back paper plate and open up the prongs to secure it. The feathers can be stored inside the turkey's body.
source: http://www.daniellesplace.com/html/thanksgiving.html

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