sábado, 13 de novembro de 2010

Christmas Crafts for Kids - Hands and Feet Reindeer Craft An easy to make reindeer craft for classrooms, a Christmas party, or with your children at home

You'll Need:
Large plastic eyes
Large red pom-poms (glitter pom-poms are a fun addition!)
Brown construction paper, craft foam or cardstock paper
Lighter brown or tan paper for the ears (optional)
Construction paper in any color; optional if you would like to glue 
the reindeer onto another piece of paper.

How to Make It:
First, with one shade of brown, cut the antlers and reindeer, 
using your child's handprint and shoeprint as a pattern. 
Then, cut the ears with the other brown. We used a lighter shade of 
brown to add yet another layer to the ears but that's not necessary.
Glue the antlers together at a slight angle. Then add the ears and glue 
the head on last. Glue the eyes and nose the the head and add a smile with a marker.
It's that simple!

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